Feb 27, 2010

Pregnacy test grip - Positive

Mybe this pic abit late, but i think it's very useful information to share.This pregnancy test can be bought at guardian at Rm 15++ for two. Can be use once per unit. all instruction inside the box, so read carefully before use :p
and the pic is shown my result..

Feb 25, 2010

Pregnant tips - Part3 - Senaman semasa mengandung

Lagi artikel menarik untuk panduan ibu mengandung..ye la, sesame kite kene kongsi maklumat kan~~~:)....senaman ni penting, boley mengurangkan/menghilangkan stress, lenguh2 serta apa yg plg penting, dengan senaman, akan membekalkan lebih bnyk oksigen kepada baby dlm perut..dengan izin Allah, kandungan akan lebih sihat..InsyaAllah...

Senaman ibu mengandung
Senaman Sebelum Bersalin

Melakukan senaman dan kerja-ke~a ringan semasa hamil adalah baik untuk meregangkan otot-otot. Senaman yang paling sesuai untuk wanitawanita yang sedang hamil ialah senaman yoga, kerana senaman yoga merupakan cara yang paling bagus untuk meregangkan otot-otot. Tujuan lain senaman yang dilakukan ialah untuk meningkatkan kelenturan dan memperkuatkan sendi-sendi.

Berikut ialah beberapa senaman yang disarankan untuk dilakukan oleh wanitawanita sedang hamil

Elakkan dari melakukan gerakan melompat-Iompat dan gerakan yang tibatiba. Lakukan senaman dengan lemah-Iembut dan perlahan-Iahan.
MEREGANG LENGAN BERGANTIAN Anda boleh duduk atau berdiri untuk senaman ini. Dengan kedua belah lengan dijulurkan ke atas kepala, jangkaulah langit, mula-mula dengan lengan yang satu, kemudian dengan lengan yang satu lagi

Dengan satu kaki di muka kaki lainnya, telapak tangan menempel pada dinding, tekuklah lutut depan dan perlahan-Iahan condongkan badan ke arah dinding. Ulangi dengan kaki yang lain. Jangan melakukan peregangan sampai melampaui batas kenyamanan.

Lakukan ini sekerap yang anda inginkan. Jongkok baik untuk meredakan ketegangan punggung dan untuk meregangkan mata kaki.

Duduklah di atas lantai dengan tumit dipertemukan dan tarik ke arah tubuh anda sejauh kenyamanan memungkinkan. Perlahan-Iahan tekankan lutut ke arah lantai; tambahkan sedikit tekanan dengan tangan pada lutut kalau anda mahu.

Duduklah di atas lantai dengan kedua kaki direntangkan. Hulurkan lengan kanan sepanjang kaki kanan ke arah pergelangan kaki. Angkatlah lengan kiri ke atas kepala dan perlahan-Iahan julurkan ke arah kanan. Ulangi pad a sisi lainnya.

Berbaring rata menelentang dengan kedua lengan di sisi tubuh. Tekuklah kaki kanan dengan telapak kaki merata pada lantai. Tekuklah telapak kaki kiri ke atas sehingga jari kaki menunjukkan ke arah wajah anda. Tahan beberapa detik. Ulangi dengan kaki kiri di tekuk.

sources : here

Feb 24, 2010

Pregnant tips - Part2 - Ultrasound

 Just found an interesting article about ultrasound.. Click here for source


Ultrasound in Pregnancy

You are pregnant. Your health-care provider suggests you have an ultrasound. Learn more about it.

What is an ultrasound?

Ultrasound comes from a machine that creates an image of the inside of your body. It shows what your baby looks like while still inside your womb (uterus).
Ultrasound can tell you—and your health-care provider—many things about your baby, such as:
• the size of the baby
• how well the baby’s heart works
• how well other organs (such as the spine, brain and kidneys) are growing
• the anticipated date of birth
The moving pictures from the ultrasound machine are like a movie. The pictures appear on a computer screen.

How does ultrasound work?

Ultrasound pictures are made from sound waves which are too high pitched to be heard by the human ear. The sound waves travel through your skin and are focused on a certain part of your body by a scanning device called a “transducer.” It picks up the sound waves as they bounce back from organs inside the body.
Ultrasound is different from x-rays because it does not use radiation. This makes it safer for you and your baby. Ultrasound is used in many areas of medicine.

Why is an ultrasound done?

An ultrasound can help to check on many aspects of a healthy pregnancy, such as:

• the number of babies
• whether the baby ’s size is right for his/her age
• how the baby’s internal organs are growing
• whether the placenta (afterbirth) is in the correct place
• whether there are problems with the mother's uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries
Experts in Canada recommend that all women have an ultrasound when they are pregnant. The best time to do this is between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.
You might be asked to have ultrasound at other times during your pregnancy. Your health-care provider may suggest this:
• to see what position the baby is in
• to check the placenta (afterbirth)
• to view how much fluid is around the baby
• to check the baby’s growth and well-being
• to check for signs of a possible genetic problem

What will happen during the ultrasound?

Before you go for an ultrasound, you will get information on how to prepare and where to go. Sometimes, women are told to arrive with a full bladder, but not so full it causes pain. This helps the sound waves travel better through the skin and tissues. You may be asked to change from your own clothing into a medical gown.
The person who does the ultrasound is called an ultrasonographer. Once you are lying down on the examining table, clear gel will be put on your skin. The gel allows the transducer to move easily on your skin and helps the sound waves to transmit into your body. You may feel light pressure on your tummy but no pain. An ultrasound exam takes about 30 minutes. If more tests are needed, it could take longer.
Sometimes, the ultrasound must be done through the vagina (birth passage). A special kind of transducer is placed into your vagina. Most women feel no pain during this type of ultrasound.

What can an ultrasound find?

You should make sure you are fully informed about why you are having an ultrasound. It is an important way to learn about problems. The results of an ultrasound may mean you will need to have more tests. Talk to your health-care provider before you have an ultrasound to make an informed decision.
For most pregnant women, ultrasound assures them that their baby is healthy and all is well. Sadly, for a few, the ultrasound will find signs that all is not normal. Remember that the screening test only indicates an increased chance for concern and cannot tell you for sure if the baby does have a specific condition.
Your health- care provider will be told if the ultrasound shows any signs of abnormality. They will discuss this with you. You may be referred to a centre that has expert doctors with experience in the field of fetal abnormalities.

Does a normal ultrasound mean I will have a healthy baby?

Ultrasound can detect many, but not all, abnormalities. Finding an abnormality depends on many factors, including the age and position of the baby, as well as the size and type of abnormality.
The clarity of the pictures depends on the ultrasound equipment and how well the ultrasound can pass through the mother’s abdomen. For example, ultrasound will be less clear when the mother’s abdomen is thick or scarred.

Is ultrasound safe?

Ultrasound has been used on pregnant women for more than 30 years. Studies continue to make sure ultrasound is safe. So far, there is no reason to think that it harms mothers or babies. As with all medical tests, the benefits must always be greater than the risks.
Health Canada regulates ultrasounds in Canada through two laws: the Medical Devices Regulations of the Food and Drugs Act and the Radiation Emitting D evices Act. This helps to ensure that ultrasounds are safe when used for medical reasons.
The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and Health Canada have produced guidelines on diagnostic ultrasound. They state that ultrasound should not be used for any of these reasons:
• to have a picture of the baby, solely for non-medical reasons
• to learn the sex of the baby, solely for non-medical reasons
• for commercial use, such as trade shows or making videos of a baby

What are the benefits of ultrasound?

Ultrasounds provide pregnant women with important medical information. It helps Canadian women have healthy babies.
Ultrasound must be used carefully to ensure that mothers and their babies benefit from what it offers.
If your health-care provider recommends that you have an ultrasound, make sure you know:
• why it is needed
• the risks that may be involved
• how it will be done

To learn more about ultrasound, visit these websites:

1. Health Canada www.hc-sc.gc.ca
2. Canadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers www.csdms.com

Feb 22, 2010


I’m pregnant….don’t know how to describe how I feel when I’m noticed that I’m pregnant on Friday night…it’s a very precious moment that I’ve shared with my beloved hubby….we just smile at each other without any words for a few minutes….oh my God, thanks for this rahmat…we’re so happy….we will enjoy this moment….
the day after, we’re going to clinic to double check…it’s confirm….the doctor ask to do ultrasound test next month…it’s important ok….now, hubby always surf the internet, reading articles about pregnancy….especially on this 1st trimester of pregnancy….B, so proud to have u just by my side…u always there whenever I need u…thanks ya…..
guys, do pray for us n our baby ya…thanks….

Feb 21, 2010

Pregnant tips - Part1

Eating well can help you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy newborn. Being physically active may help you have a more comfortable 9 months and an easier delivery. Use the ideas and tips in this booklet to improve your eating plan and become more physically active before, during, and after your pregnancy. Make changes now, and be a healthy example for your family for a lifetime.
Tips for pregnancy
  • Talk to your health care provider about how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy.
  • Eat foods rich in folate, iron, calcium, and protein, or get these nutrients through a prenatal supplement.
  • Talk to your health care provider before taking any supplements.
  • Eat breakfast every day.
  • Eat high-fiber foods and drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.
  • Avoid alcohol, raw fish, fish high in mercury, soft cheeses, and anything that is not food.
  • Aim to do at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week. Talk to your health care provider before you begin.
  • After you deliver your baby, continue eating well. Return to a healthy weight gradually.
  • Slowly get back to your routine of regular, moderate physical activity.
  • Take pleasure in the miracles of pregnancy and birth.
What is a healthy eating plan for pregnancy?

A healthy eating plan contains a wide variety of foods from the five basic food groups.* Every day, you should try to eat:
  • 6 or more servings of bread, cereal, rice, or pasta.
    • One serving equals one slice of bread, 1 ounce of ready-to-eat cereal (about 1 cup of most cereals), or 1/2 cup of cooked cereal, rice, or pasta.
    • If you are physically active, you can eat more servings (up to 11 servings if you are very active).
  • 3 to 5 servings of vegetables.
    • One serving equals 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables such as spinach or lettuce, or 1/2 cup of chopped vegetables, cooked or raw.
  • 2 to 4 servings of fruit.
    • One serving equals one medium piece of fruit like an apple, banana, or orange; 1/2 cup of chopped fresh, cooked, or canned fruit; 1/4 cup dried fruit; or 3/4 cup of 100-percent fruit juice.
  • 2 servings of milk, yogurt, or cheese
    • One serving equals 1 cup of milk or yogurt, 1 1/2 ounces of natural cheese like cheddar or mozzarella, or 2 ounces of processed cheese like American.
    • If you are 18 years or younger and pregnant, you need at least 3 servings of milk, yogurt, and cheese.
    • Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products most often.
  • 2 to 3 servings of meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, or nuts.
    • One serving equals 2 to 3 ounces of cooked meat, poultry, or fish-about the size of a deck of cards. Choose lean cuts and eat no more than 5 to 7 ounces of meat, poultry, or fish a day. One cup of cooked beans such as kidney beans or 2 eggs count as a serving.
    • Four tablespoons of peanut butter or 2/3 cup of nuts also equals a serving.
  • At least 8 glasses of water.
    • Drinking milk, 100-percent juice, seltzer or other non-alcoholic beverages counts toward your amount of daily water.
* Adapted from the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Department of Health and Human Services Food Guide Pyramid.
NIH Publication No. 02-5130
September 2002

source : Click here

Feb 19, 2010

Teluk Senangin - Part 2

Just enjoy photos below.. do not scroll down if u feel frustated with picture quality :p













maleh nk explain..so layanzzz

Opis baru!!

Smlm….1st day aku mendaftar di HQ....alhamdulillah…sumanya berjalan dgn sgt lancar…keja ok…environment ok…kwn2 ok…bos pn sgt ok…sporting gila…ari 1st dh blanja kitorang mkn kt Nando’s…wah…heaven…

Yg plg best adlh bila nk dtg keja, hubby antar…bla nk blk keja, hubby amik…hehe…I like !!!!...tetapi smpi bilakah ianya akn berterusan ??? ding dong….hehe…bkn apa….actually, klau dtg dr umah, akn jmp opis hubby dl, then baru opis aku….so, sepatutnya aku yg kena drop hubby kt opis dia, then aku harus meneruskan perjalanan ke opis aku plak…tp phm2 ja la, aku kn budak baru blaja di kota besar ni…so, sumanya kena berteman lg…smpi la aku terer…bila tu ???? ntah…wa pn tarak tau….tgk ja la cmna nnt k…

Ni nk cita sket ni…sj ja…bkn nk cr publisiti pn…just nk kongsi…sbb bila aku ckp bnd ni kt parents aku, diorg bleh gelak…diorg xcaya kot yg ank diorg ni memasak…aku xda la hebat bab memasak ni….tp klau setakat nk bg hubby tambah 2-3 pinggan, insyaAllah xda hal…ceewahhh…belagak la plak ek…sbnrnya bkn apa, selera hubby sgt simple…msk yg besa2 ja pn dh ok dh…cm smlm aku msk ayam grg kunyit, sardine n kentang msk cili padi…sesimple cm ni pn hubby dh suka….ari ni suh msk lg…

Alhamdulillah, life aku kt sni baik…kepada sesapa yg risaukn aku dgn hidup baru aku ni, chill ok…aku baik2 belaka…syukur…aku tau parents aku risau (selalu call tny khabar) n kwn2 lama kt opis lama aku pn risau (selalu email tny keadaan)….don’t worry na….n thanks gak sbb risaukan aku….bila korg risau, aku tau korg sayang aku….wiiiii….

Feb 18, 2010

Taubat seorang pemabuk

Oh Tuhan ……. aku bertaubat
Aku mempunyai seorang anak perempuan. Anak itu amat menghiburkan hati. Telatahnya melucukan. Aku begitu rapat dengannya. Pernah suatu ketika, anak kecil itu datang padaku dan menarik lengan baju sehingga arak tertumpah ke atas bajuku. Tetapi kerana terlalu kasih akan anak itu, aku langsung tidak memarahahinya.
Sayangnya anak ini meninggal ketika umurnya genap dua tahun. Hatiku sangat hiba sejak kehilangannya.  Sejak hari itu hidupku tidak teratur.  Arak menjadi teman  setia. Suatu waktu, dalam keheningan malam Jumaat pada pertengahan Syaaban, aku berhibur hibur dengan arak.  Seteguk demi seteguk airnya aku habiskan sehingga mabuk dan tertidur. Entah mengapa tidurku begitu nyenyak.
Tiba tiba terdengar bunyi yang sangat dasyat. Dentumannya sungguh menakutkan. Serentak itu juga, seluruh manusia berpusu pusu keluar berkumpul di satu kawasan  lapang. Aku berasak asak di celah celah manusia lain menyertai mereka menuju ke tempat tersebut.
 Dalam hiruk pikuk manusia yang tidak terbilang itu, aku terdengar satu suara aneh. Aku menoleh sedikit. Alangkah terperanjatnya apabila mendapati seekor ular yang sangat besar betul betul dibelakangku. Mulutnya terbuka luas seperti hendak menelanku.
Ular yang menggerunkan berwarna hitam kebiru biruan itu mengangakan mulutnya bersedia untuk memakan aku.
Aku yang ketakutan berlari sekuat hati. Aku hanya berlari dan terus berlari. Di pertengahan perjalanan itu, aku terserempak dengan seorang lelaki tun. Baunya sangat harum. Pakaianya pula bersih sekali. Aku memberi salam kepadanya lalu dibalas salamku.
“Tolong aku pakcik!” pintaku penuh harapan.  “Ular itu hendak memakanku, selamatkanlah aku pak cik,” rayuku lagi.
Lelaki tua itu menangis melihatku.
“Mudah mudahan Allah menolongmu,” kata lelaki tua itu lagi terus berlalu.
Tanpa menunggu lebih lama, aku terus berlari menyelamatkan diri daripada ular besar yang sedang menghambatku. Akhirnya aku sampai ke satu tempat yang tinggi. Aku berlari mendakinya. Sampai saja dipuncak, aku tunduk ke bawah. Aku dapatn melihat dengan jelas, beberapa tingkat kawah berapi terbentang luas di dalamnya. Apinya menjulang julang.
Ular  itu semakin dekat sedangkan tiada ruang lagi untukku melepaskan diri. Selangkah kedepan, aku pasti terhumban ke dalamnya. Akan hancur luluh lah tubuhku dalam kawah berapi.
Pada saat yang genting itu tiba tiba terdengar suatu suara memanggil namaku. Aku terkaku.
“Kembalilah! Jangan teruskan lagi,” kata suara itu. “Kau tidak termasuk dikalangan mereka,” sambung suara itu.
Sebaik sahaja mendengar suara ghaib itu aku terus berpatah balik. Dalam perjalanan, sekali lagi aku terserempak dengan lelaki tua yang kelihatan sangat lemah  itu.
“Aku benar benar memerlukan pertolonganmu. Selamatkanlah aku pak cik,” aku merayu.
Orang tua itu menangis. “Aku tidak berdaya membantumu. Pergilah kegunung itu. Mungkin ada yang dapat melepaskan kamu dari ular itu.”
Aku berpaling melihat gunung yang dtunjukkan oleh lelaki  tua itu. Di atasnya terdapat binaan yang diperbuat daripada perak. Di dalamnya terdapat terowong yang tertutup dengan kain.  Pintu yang menutupi terowong itu pula diperbuat daripada emas manakala enselnya daripada zamrud dan pakunya daripada mutiara. Setiap daun pintu itu dihiasi sutera yang indah.
Aku terus sahaja berlari kearah gunung yang ditunjukkan oleh lelaki tua itu. Ular itu masih lagi mengejarku dari belakang.
Sebaik sahaja kakiku hampir dengan gunung tersebut, tiba tiba aku terdengar suatu suara berkata, “Bukakkanlah pintunya dan angkatlah kain kain penutup ini,”
Tidak semena mena, pintu yang terkatup rapat itu terbuka dan kain yang menutupinya terangkat. Sekumpulan anak anak kecil yang berada di dalamnya berpaling melihatku. Aku dapati wajah anak anak itu bercahaya.
“Lihat, musuh semakin dekat,” jerit salah seorang daripada mereka.
Ular itu semakin rapat, sedangkan aku mengigil ketakutan. Anak anak itu memmerhatikan ku penuh belas kasihan. Aku meneliti anak anak itu seorang demi seorang. Tiba tiba mataku terpaku pada seorang anak perempuan kecil. Wajahnya mirip anakku yang meninggal tidak lama dulu.  Aanak perempuan itu menangis melihat keadaanku.
“Wahai ayahku!” jerit anak kecil itu sambil berlari kearah ku. Benarlah, anak perempuan itu anakku! Anak itu menghulurkan tangan kirinya dan menggengam tangan kananku. Tangan kanannya pula diacukan kepada ular itu. Serta merta ular besar yang mengejarku sejak awal tadi lenyap dari pandangan.
Anak perempuanku itu menarik tanganku dan duduk di suatu sudut. Dia bermanja di atas pangkuanku. Sedang tangannya bermain main dengan jangutku, anak perempuanku bersuara: “Ayah, belum datangkah waktunya bagi orang orang yang beriman  untuk tunduk  hati mereka mematuhi peringatan Allah serta mematuhi kebenaran yang diturunkan kepada mereka?”
Sebaik sahaj mendengar sepotong ayat yang dibacakakn olehnya, hatiku tiba tiba ditusuk penyesalan yang amat dalam. Tanpa disedari air mata pun mengalir.
Kata kata yang dituturkan oelh anak perempuanku itu adalah firman Allah dalam surah al_Hadad ayat 16 iaitu: Belum sampaikah lagi masanya bagi orang orang yang beriman, untuk khusyuk hati mereka mematuhi peringatan dan pengajaran Allah serta mematuhi kebenaran (al-Quran yang diturunkan (kepada mereka)? Dan jangalah pula mereka menjadi seperti orang orang yang telah diberikan kitab sebelum mereka, setelah orang orang itu melalui masa yang lanjut maka hati mereka menjadi keras dan banyak di antaranya orang orang yang fasik (derhaka)
Aku merenung anak itu dan bertanya, “Wahai puteriku, apakah kamu memahami kandungan al-Quran?”
“Ayah, kami mengerti isi al-Quran lebih daripada apa yang diketahui olehmu,” jawab anakku.
Aku memandang anakku dan bertanya, “Ceritakanlah kepada ayah mengenai ular besar yang mengejarku sebentar tadi.”
“Itu adalah dosa dosa yang telah ayah kerjakan sehingga menjerumuskan diri ke dalam neraka jahanam, jawab anak kecil itu.
Lalu aku bertanya pula padanya tentang lelaki tua yang kutemui ketika lari daripada ancaman ular tersebut.
“Itu adalah amalan soleh yang ayah lakukan  dan telah di terima Allah, tetapi tidak cukup untuk melepaskan ayah daripada balasan Allah. Ia hanya dapat membantu ayah melepaskan diri daripada kesusahan ini,” begitu jawab anak perempuanku.
Aku bertanya kagi tentang apa yang dilakukannya diatas gunung ini.
“Kami adalah anak  orang orang Muslim. Kami ditempatkan disini sehingga hari kiamat dan menunggu mereka datang, dan kamilah yang akan memohon kepada Tuhan untuk melepaskan mereka dari siksaan,” jawab anakku.
Sejurus anak itu mengakhiri kata katanya, aku tersedar daripada tidur. Perasaan yang takut menyelubungiku. Mimpi itu telah memberi keinsafan abadi buatku.
Bejana arak yang masih bersepah di tepat pembaringan itu kucapai. Airnya kucurahkan ke tanah. Bejana bejana itu ku pecahkan. Dari saat itu aku memohon keampunan kepada Allah atas segala  perbuatan yang sia sia dan dilaknat olehNYA. Oh Tuhan  …….. aku bertaubat.
Aku dalam cerita di atas ialah ahli sufi terkenal, Malik bin Dinar. Belia menjadi pengarang hadis setelah bertaubat kepada Allah. Malik bin Dinar di masa mudanya merupakan  seorang askar manakala anak perempuan yang diceritakan dalam kisah di atas adalah hasil perhubungannya dengan seorang hamba yang cantik jelita. Tetapi anak itu meninggal sewaktu berusaia dua tahun.
Mastika Ogos 2006 (m/s 120 – 123)

p/s : aku terbaca artikel ni masa tgh surf pasal minda
klik disini untuk artikel asal

Teluk Senangin - Introduction


Just one picture for now...wait for the next okay!!

Feb 12, 2010

This is My Last Day

today is the day....waaa....this is my last day working here...as admin asst. at track dept, cum asst. to our senior project manager....so sad ooo....this is my greatest working experience so far...

my desktop...see my mug....kak reen also have the same....

view from my working space....

my bos's room....just next to my place...he's very sporting....

my sis's place from mine.....sis, i'll be really miss u....so sad to leave u here....but yet i'm so happy to know u n have a wonderful sis like u....luv u ya...!!!

i'm sorry to leave u all here, but i must leave to develop my new life, new family....pray for me, okay....i love all of u at MMC-Gamuda Joint Venture - Track Dept....hope to see u all again....keep in touch tau.... :)

Feb 10, 2010

Wife & GF - Jokes

Some people say :

Wife is a HARIMAU ...............
Girlfriend is HARI HARI MAU

And some say:
Wife is like TV, Girlfriend is like Handphone (HP)

At home watch TV, Go out bring HP.

No money, sell TV. Got money change HP.

Sometimes enjoy TV but most of the time play with HP.

TV free for life but HP, if you don't pay, the services will be terminated.

TV is big, bulky and most of the time old but HP, is cute, slim, curvy and very portable at any time.

Operational cost for TV is often acceptable but for HP is high and often demanding.

Most Important, TV got remote but HP doesn't have.

Last but not least.......

TV do not have virus but HP have VIRUS....
Once get it, HABIS LAH.

So better choose TV lah!


Put about 100 bricks in some particular order in a closed room with an Open window.

Then send 2 or 3 candidates in the room and close the door.

Leave them alone and come back after 6 hours and then analyze the situation.

If they are counting the bricks put them in the accounts department .

If they are recounting them.. put them in auditing ..

If they have messed up the whole place with the bricks put them in engineering .

If they are arranging the bricks in some strange order put them in planning .

If they are throwing the bricks at each other put them in operations .

If they are sleeping put them in security .

If they have broken the bricks into pieces put them in information Technology .

If they are sitting idle put them in human resources .

If they say they have tried different combinations, yet not a brick has been moved put them in sales.

If they have already left for the day put them in marketing .

If they are staring out of the Window put them on strategic Planning.

And then last but not least if they are talking to each other
and not a single brick has been moved...

Congratulate them and put them in Top management

Jokes of the day - xxx jokes

Question: Why is sperm donation more expensive rather than blood donation?Answer: Because it's HANDMADE!!

Man No 1 : "My wife is obsessed with cars. While asleep, she holds my dick & said 'first gear, 2nd gear...."
Man No 2 : "My wife is worse! She puts my dick inside her & said "Full tank please."

Question : What is the closest thing that is similar to a woman's period?
Answer : Your SALARY! It comes once a month, lasts about 5-7 days & if it doesn't come, you're in big trouble!

A woman gave birth to 6 babies. On seeing this she got off the hospital bed, slapped her husband & shouted, "I told you not to do it doggy style!"

A prostitute goes to deposit a $100 bill in a bank.The teller says, "Sorry, madam, this note is a fake.""Oh no!" exclaimed the prostitute, "I have been RAPED!"

"Your secretary publicly said you have a small dick, what would you comment on this?""The truth is = she has a big mouth!"

A Japanese girl accidentally lets out a big fart after making love.She said, "Aww, so sorry... excuse me pleazo, Front hole is so happy that my back hole laugh out loud!"
Love is a complicated machinery. But sometimes all you need is a good screw to fix it.

What's the difference between biology and sociology?When the baby looks like his mom or dad = it's biology. When he looks like the neighbour, = it is sociology.

What do u call the useless piece of flesh attached to the dick ? = The MAN.

Whoever first said "A dog is man's best friend" = he must have never seen a pussy before.......

Why is breast milk good for health?Because it is great for blood circulation, provides heat, is refreshing and comes in attractive containers.

Why was the two-piece bikini invented?To separate the meat section from the dairy section.

A mother was scolding the daughter, "I don't like the guy you are going out with. He is too dumb.""No, Mama," she said, "He is going to be a doctor. See, he has already cured me of that illness that I used to have every month!"

House for Cats

if u guys read my older post, i'm sure that u will know that my family love cats....here i want to share some picture about the making of our cats's house....this is my mum's idea....so, my father n my bro make it real....wahhh....so, this is the picture...in the making okay...

it's raining...

see...that's avril on the plastic chair...she accompany us all the way....she know that this is for her n her friends....

sorry, this pic is a bit blur...

that's all....later, i'll update about this house when it's ready.... :)

Feb 9, 2010

Flowers - again!!

Hi guys..really need your help..:p..please tell me the name of flowers below..hehe..
kampung name: pokok langsuir
Malay book name : Pokok daun semun
Scientific name : Asplenium nidus
refer : References
xtau/dont know/need references :)

xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
xtau/dont know/need references :)
All the flower above planted by my grandma( my wife's grandma). There's alot of flower around her house  and i really love it.. just can't wait to be there again(melaka) and enjoy Asam Peda Melaka..:)

10 Health Benefits of Spicy Food

Interested with one article from here.. i thought spicy are bad for health..but i think again, yes it is, but if the spicy intake are too much

once again, kredit to blog.701panduan.com..

Eating spicy food or adding spices such as hot peppers to your meal has its own health benefits.
Red hot chili peppers
Photo credit: A6U571N
Here we have listed down ten of them: -
Number 1
Aid Weight Loss
Spicy food helps to increase metabolic rate, therefore it aids to increase weight loss
Number 2
Lower “Bad” Cholesterol
Research has shown that by adding chili to the diet, the LDL, or bad cholesterol, actually resisted oxidation for a longer period of time, thus delaying the development of a major risk for cardiovascular disease.
Number 3
Improve Digestion
Study has shown that the spiciness stimulates stomach secretions. This will increase blood flow to the stomach.
Number 4
Improve Circulation
When you eat spicy food, your body’s temperature is raised, therefore, it increases your blood flow and gets your heart pumping. As a result, you sweat which makes in return, cool down your body.
Number 5
Prevent Cancer
Capsaicin, a chemical found in chili peppers, was shown in laboratory settings that it kills cancer cell in rats.
Number 6
Improve Heart Health
Hot peppers may help to improve heart health by boosting the body’s ability to dissolve blood clots. The capsaicin in peppers also fights inflammation, which has been identified as a risk factor for heart disease.
Number 7
Improve Sleep Pattern
Researchers have found that people who frequently consumed spicy meals fell asleep more easily, had healthier sleep patterns, and even woke up easier and had more energy throughout the day.
Number 8
Improve Healing Rate
Turmeric, another chemical found in curry powder speeds up wound healing and assists in remodeling of damaged skin.
Number 9
Improve Mood
Capsaicin also increases the production of endorphins in the brain and therefore, promote a sense of wellbeing.
Number 10
Promote Better Breathing
Whether you have flu, cold or respiratory conditions such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, eating hot peppers can help you to breathe better by opening up clogged nasal passages.
Disclaimer: All material on this website is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

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